10 Things to Buy a Teacher This Christmas

 Where in the world is Laura Sandiego? (10 points to you if you get that reference).  

I haven’t posted in 10 days. That’s because I’ve been busy GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE! That’s right. After four and a half long years I finally have my bachelor’s of science in special education. Praise the good Lord above. I could ramble on about this for ages. . . but I won’t. ON WITH THE GIFT GUIDE.

‘Tis the season for gift buying. Whether you’re buying for your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, your mom or dad, siblings, or even your child’s teacher, I have compiled the ultimate teacher gift guide full of options of things to get them. They all vary from stocking stuffer prices to larger items, but no matter what, something on this list will fit your needs. I’ll start with stocking stuffer items and transition to larger items. Everything will have a link to an amazon listing as well (click on the price of the item).


Good ‘ole trusty wooden pencils

Price and link: 4.99

Have I ever mentioned how often students lose pencils? Answer: EVERY TWO SECONDS! You give them a new one, you turn around, and the one that you just gave them has already disappeared. A pack of pencils is always appreciated.


Stickers. Stickers. More stickers. 

Price and link:  6.48

If the person who you are buying for is an elementary school teacher. . . STICKERS ARE LIFE. Stickers in a classroom cause excitement, jealousy, encouragement, jealousy, happiness, and jealousy. They can be used to adorn the top of exceptional work or adorn the hand of an exceptional student. They always come in handy.

(I’m partial to the Lisa Frank kind: 7.85)

Dry Erase Markers

Price and link: 6.93

These things run out faster than our stash of bobby pins. Either a student left the cap off, pressed down too hard with it, or your colors have gone missing, teachers ALWAYS appreciate dry erase markers.

Anchor Charts are the new black

Price and link: 31.74

I am honestly surprised an anchor chart hasn’t graced the cover of Vogue yet. Anchor charts are the hottest trend currently in education. Rightfully so as well since they’re helping our students a lot.

Don’t let them use old books

Price and Link(s):  The Very Hungry Caterpillar: 7.35 ; How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear? 6.95 ;  Ivy and Bean’s Secret Treasure Box 11.48

One of the hardest things for new teachers to do is build up their classroom library. As a new teacher myself, all I have for my classroom are books that I had when I had as a kids and some books I took from the discard pile at the library that I work at. It’s pretty bleak. Pick up some of your favorites for your teacher. I linked a few of my favorites.

10 minutes of relaxation

Price and link: 14.84

Bananagrams are a fun literacy builder that have students learning without even thinking about it. Give it to your teacher friend to allow them to sit back and relax for 10 minutes of their day.

IT’S LAAAAMINATED!!! (10 more points to you if you know that movie reference. . . Think Eddie Murphy and Big Phil with the guitar)

Price and Link:  16.99

This thing is my life.  If my apartment were on fire I would grab my laminator THEN my boyfriend (sorry hon). It’s extremely fast and hot so small things get laminated well. They can keep this in their classroom or at home for quick and easy laminating. Have fun with it and laminate all of the wrapping paper!

Turn your 10 year-old into a 90 year-old…and a good reader!

Price and link: 4.15

If your loved one is a reading teacher, witch fingers are a GOD SEND when you are trying to teach children to track with their finger while they’re reading. The students find them wacky and fun and they will guarantee increase their tracking.

Crap Bins

Price and link: 15.79

Everyone can always use a cloth bin to store their….. For lack of a better term….crap. Who couldn’t use an extra one right now? I recently observed a teacher who used these bins to store materials students needed for centers and clothes pinned the directions on the front of the bin. Very creative!

And lastly. THE BIG KAHUNA.


Price and link: 40.00-60.00$

These things saved my feet. When I began student teaching, my feet were absolutely getting torn up by ill-constructed and uncomfortable flats. One day I was actually sitting at a desk criss-cross applesauce and smelled something awful and realized it was MY FEET. Cue extreme self-consciousness and instant online shopping. I wanted a shoe that was comfortable, warm (i’m one of those people who are always cold) and still dressy enough to teach in. I’m a thrifty person and rarely buy clothes and shoes at full price but bit the bullet and got these. Now granted, they still smell, but at least they’re comfortable. Throw in some sneaker balls in their stocking if you do this. (I literally googled smelly shoes to find that product)

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for what to buy that wonderful teacher in your life. If you enjoy my posts please click the follow button and enter your email or your wordpress account info! You will get email notifications whenever I post! COMMENT and let me know what you want for Christmas 🙂


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