Warning: This Post Will Make You Want to Go Shopping. . . Teacher Haul

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If you’ve never read my About before, then you wouldn’t know that I live in good ‘ole Farmville Virginia. In Farmville, Virginia, the only place to shop is the Wal-Mart. Don’t get me wrong. . . I love a good Wal-mart run. But they SERIOUSLY lack in the “teacher supply” area. You have to get creative. . . like “flower vases from the Goodwill for pencil cups” creative. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I enjoy variety.

THUS, when I’m at home visiting my parents there are three places I always go: Michael’s, Target, and Office Max. 

This blog post depicts what happens when a society deprived teacher goes to Michael’s, Target, and Office Max. I hope you’re ready. I certainly am.

So I’m not only a society deprived teacher, but also a *dun dun duuuun* first year teacher. Which means I was trying to buy things that I need for my first classroom. . .  which is hopefully soon.


I mean. . . how cute is this!?!?

My first purchase was this absolutely adorable apple timer from Michael’s! I’ve wanted a timer for a while now, but I’ve been picky, and this one fit the bill. Between centers and behavior management, timers certainly come in handy in the classroom. I’m also an extremely punctual person so I like to keep track of how long we’re supposed to be at each activity. AND it was only $3.00 🙂 AAAAND you can use your teacher badge to get 15% off at Michael’s. Which of course I forgot that day, but that’s alright.



The second thing I bought at Michael’s was this set of washi tape. I usually use washi tape for bordering papers and posters that I want to hang up to give them a little more va-va-voom. What sold me on this set was the snazzy tapes that said words on them! How perfect! I envisioned myself cutting them into little strips and putting them on papers. Realistically, I have no clue if I’m actually going to do that, but hey, they were cute. It was only $10.00, and there was a coupon in the paper that morning for 50% off of any washi tape purchase!


This was the smallest fluff in the pack, and was the size of a very very large orange.

Then, I got some decorations for my classroom; I think that I want to go for a blue and green theme. These spiffy fluffy fluffs came in a pack of three for $4.99 (~ $1.63 per fluff) so I got a pack of blue fluffs and a pack of green fluffs.  I was debating on hanging these up in places where students have to line up, but I’m not sure. What are your thoughts?


My last expenditures at this fine institution were these little Jars. They were only  $1.50 each, and came with that brilliant chalkboard sticker on the front. I foresee myself storing things like paperclips and pencils in them.


SPEAKING OF PAPER CLIPS. . . Then I went to Office Max and I got these babies for A DOLLAR EACH!! Let me say it louder for the people in the back. . .  A DOLLAR! In Farmville we only have the metal kind. I love these. Also, the special educator in me loved the puzzle piece container the tacks came in.


Lastly, I went to target and I got these tiny “berry cartons”. They were $1.00 for FOUR cartons!!! I ended up buying three different colors, so I got 12 cartons for $3.00. I couldn’t resist. I saw these going on desk quads or centers to hold various supplies. I fondly refer to these type of containers as “crap bins” a-la 10 Things to Buy a Teacher This Christmas.

I ended up getting much more than what is depicted above, but these were the highlights.  I also bought my planner and teacher planner for 2017!!! Let me know if you want to see a post about that. Spoiler: I did NOT go with Erin Condren again this year!


p.s. I had a small visitor while shooting all of those photos. 😉

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