18 Shameless Teacher Confessions All Teachers Will Understand

We are teachers and we are not perfect human beings, although we are sometimes viewed as so. Life is not always sunshine and roses. In fact, most of us have some pretty big teacher confessions. Here are mine:

  • I see you picking your nose. You’re not hiding it. And yes, I have said this to high schoolers before.
  • No, we’re not doing this worksheet over again because “the last time wasn’t your best work and we need to practice”, the first ones are lost among the piles of papers in my apartment.
  •  I have perfected my teacher voice and it sometimes comes out when I’m upset with my boyfriend (sorry honey). Once my teacher voice came out in front of my YMCA kids and a child came up to me afterward and said “gee I didn’t know you could be that scary Ms. Laura” That’s right my little friend, that’s right.
  • I don’t care what letter grade my students get on tests and assignments as long as I see them progress. I care most about learning, and amount of learning, rather than if you got a B or a C on this assignment. I don’t measure your worth in your grades or your IQ.
  • Once a student told me “I hibernate because I like chicken nuggets” and I will never forget that. You go little dude.
  • I despise recess. I’m not an “unstructured fun” kind of person. I sound like a blast don’t I?
  • I see so much potential in every single one of my students. And that’s not a lie. Every single one of them. Some I see as future presidents and CEOs. Some I see as fantastic mothers and fathers. Some I see as professional athletes.
  • A favorite pastime of mine is seeing students try to text in class. You do realize I’m 22 right? My generation CREATED texting during class (whoops). You can’t hide anything from me, I know all the tricks.
  • I will never laugh at my student’s answers on tests/quizzes and homework because I know I’ve written some pretty dumb answers in my past. Most of which on tests in college. I wish I could tell my students that the dumb answers get worse as you get older.
  • At age 22, I still do not have my times tables memorized. Okay, not all of them. I know my 2’s, 4’s, 5’s, and 10’s. When I ask my students to multiply numbers together, I’m not testing them. I just don’t want to have to use my fingers.
  • You’d think that as a special education teacher, my teacher bag would be full of cool sensory items and  various other special education goodies. No. My teacher bag is FILLED with candy. And no, I do not share.
  • Please stop giving me reasons why you didn’t do your homework, I know you just didn’t do it. I wish you were just honest with me.
  • Nicknames from my students make my day. I got called MC Fricks once. Granted, with a last name of Fricker, my nicknames aren’t always very kind. But when they are kind, they’re pretty funny.
  • Nothing makes me angrier in this world is when students make fun of or exclude other students. Past students can attest to this. I think I once put the fear of God into the students who rode the YMCA bus that I supervised when I overheard someone say “retarded”.
  • I still have no clue where our poisonous dart frog went and I really think one of my students stole it. If you’re reading this and have the frog held hostage, return him punk.
  • I have woken up in a panic at 2:00 A.M because I realized I forgot to make a test for the next day.
  • I once had a student who would run so excitedly to the playground that his pants would fall down while he was running, every time. I wish I had that passion for playgrounds as he did.

What are your teacher confessions? Are there any on this list that you agree with? COMMENT and let me know your confessions 😉

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4 thoughts on “18 Shameless Teacher Confessions All Teachers Will Understand

  1. Please do NOT tell my 4th-grader that you still don’t know your times tables! She still thinks she can add really fast in her head fast enough to trick everyone – I didn’t invent that trick because math is almost ingrained in me, I absorb it faster than is fair to anyone, but I know HER well enough to know exactly why she still can’t answer it quickly.

    I have no problem with the candy in the teacher bag or any of your other confessions. Rock on!

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