The Real, Unsung, Heroes of the Public School System


We come into contact with so many people when we work. Some good, some bad, some inspiring, and some horrifying. But let’s be real, there are some amazing people who deserve shout-outs who don’t normally get recognized.

  1. The Reliable Jean’s Dollar Teacher- I envy those people who remember to pay their jean’s dollar EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. I only say this because I just had to pay 3$ yesterday because I forgot my jean’s dollar for two weeks in a row.
  2. The Forgetful Paper-Leaver- There’s always those teachers who leave the copy room and forget to take their paper out of the printer. Shout out to you because let’s be real, we’re all running low on paper at this point in the year.
  3. The Forever Sub- We all love that one paraprofessional/resource teacher who is ALWAYS game to sub in a class unexpectedly. You are awesome and so appreciated.
  4. The black-Ops Teacher– The teacher who will go with you on black-ops missions, like to find more red pens, more paper, more white board markers, or. . . a desk.
  5. The Complaint Receiver- Shout out to the teacher who always listens to you complain yet never tattles when you’re upset at another teacher for totally cutting your comment off at the staff meeting or for stealing your copy paper. You the MVP.
  6. The Baker Teacher That one teacher who always bakes amazing things and brings it in for everyone to eat. I’ll never forget when I was sitting in our leveled book room and heard our receptionist over the loud-speaker very sternly say, “teachers check your email, teachers check your email”. Me being the nervous person I am, obviously thought that something serious had gone down and we were going into lock-down. Nope. I opened the email and all it said was, “teachers, there is cake in the teacher’s lounge”. You best believe I hustled my booty down there.
  7. The Tenacious Receptionist Seriously, the school receptionist is the backbone of public schools. I could not be able to handle the amount of parent calls as she does. Thank you for handling all of the dropped off lunch boxes, lunch money, homework and children.
  8. The One Who Speaks Everybody’s Mind- Thanks to the one teacher who actually says what everyone is thinking in staff meetings.
  9. The Gym Teachers- Thank you for tiring out our children and making them semi-tamable. Gym day is all teacher’s favorite resource day.
  10. The Forever Remember- The person who actually remembers to bring everything we  should have brought to the staff meetings. “Alright, pull out the curriculum frameworks that I put into your boxes” *everyone looks at each other to see who actually got it* *Forever Remember pulls theirs out* hallelujah.


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